Our Mission

Our mission is to bring authentic, Italian luxury style straight to your doorstep. We believe everyone should be able to boldly live in the momento (comfortably and beautifully!) with our MADE-IN-ITALY shoes.

Meet the Founders

We are Chandra and Tabitha—sister-team, world travelers, and best friends. Raised by an Italian fashionista mother and an American diplomat father, we have lived most of our lives between two of the world’s biggest fashion capitals: New York City and Milan. We learned to appreciate the beauty and quality of Italian shoes early in life—when spending our summers in Italy, our parents always took us shopping for durable, Italian-made back-to-school shoes. The memories and decisions in purchasing these shoes, the pride in wearing them, and the quality that followed them, has had a strong influence on our first line of high-quality, high-fashion, handmade, Italian leather boots.





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